10Web & Bluehost review: all essential features compared

Managed hosting or shared hosting 10Webor Bluehost which provider truly has the best WordPress hosting services let’s find out together hi I am Krishna in this post is an ahead-to-head comparison of 10Web and Bluehost two fairly different hosts we’ll compare some of their features infrastructure pricing and more and hopefully by the end of this post

10web hosting powered by google cloud

you will get a good idea which one is the better one for you just so you know 10Web offers a free 14-day trial with no credit card required so you can sign up right now on 10Web.io and try the full feature trial, by the way, don’t forget to share hosting reviews also I’m curious about your own experience so let me know in the comments below if you already have used 10Web or Bluehost now let’s dive in now

➡️An overview of 10Web and Bluehost hosting platforms Comparison of the hosts based on:

10web Web Hosting Platform Overview

what do we know about these two companies like I said before 10Web is managed WordPress hosting platform powered by Google cloud which means that your website is stored on a separate fully isolated container and there is absolutely no danger that a neighboring website will affect your website’s performance which can quite often happen with shared hosting platforms

10web free trial get start

10Web brings state-of-the-art technologies to WordPress ensuring the highest possible quality and performance to all of its users besides that it solves all of the common shared hosting issues at a considerably lower price than some of the shared hosting platforms you can check up 10Web using its free 14-day trial with no credit card required to sign up right now and try it along with us

Bluehost Web hosting Platform Overview

in contrast, Bluehost offers a wider range of services such as shared and dedicated hosting as well as virtual private servers they also offer regular and managed WordPress hosting plans but for this post, we are only going to focus on Bluehost’s regular WordPress hosting plans so we can help you decide if managed WordPress hosting is even worth it

bluehost get started

Bluehost offers a 30-day money-back guarantee but it doesn’t apply to most of their add-on products you can sign up for Bluehost right now and test along with us but keep in mind that if you want to get your money back like a full refund you will have to go through some additional paperwork now let’s go over each feature one by one one of the most important comparison grounds

🧬The infrastructure of 10web and Bluehost web hosting

10web Web hosting

Here is infrastructure 10Web is powered by google cloud which allows your website to gain 99.99% uptime super secure Network and high-performing server infrastructure you’re also able to choose from 8 available data centers from four continents so everything is done to minimize the time that your website data travels between your users and your servers resulting in very fast and secure websites

Bluehost web hosting

Bluehost servers run on modern solid-state drives but just a couple years ago the company servers were running on HDDs also Bluehost doesn’t have a server uptime guarantee and they haven’t mentioned anything about any of their server locations anywhere across their website they offer multi-server management

which lets you manage all of your shared web hosting services from one place access control which lets you create unique passwords and restrict access to any parts of your account and content delivery network Cloudflare is built directly into your account and CDN automatically increases your website performance

⚡Comparing Speed Between Bluehost and 10web Hosting

Bluehost Web Hosting Speed

Bluehost speed isn’t that great it underperforms even on their managed WordPress hosting and a lot of users really struggle with it in our recent post we’ve conducted a case study and Bluehost performed the worst you can check out that post for more detailed info in comparison

10web Hosting Speed

10web hosting speed

10Web speed is one 10Web’s key advantages 10Web offers anexclusive speed optimization feature that guarantees that your website builtwith one of 10Web’s templates and hosted on 10Web will automatically geta 95 + PageSpeed score 10Web speed optimization feature is a fullyautomated solution including high performance hosting smart hostingconfiguration image optimization and lazy load JS and CSS minification

Migration Comparing Between Bluehost and 10web Hosting

Your website from another hosting to 10Web with just one click your website will also automatically get a 95 plus Page Speed score

👷Website Builder

Bluehost Website Builder

Next feature is website builder if you want to build your website with Bluehost they can offer you WordPress and the Weebly website builder and they both come with pre-made themes and templates

10web Website Builder

10web website builder

while 10Web offers you drag and drop a website builder based on Elementor you can create your own website with just a few clicks without writing a single line of code you can arrange your layouts choose from a variety of design elements and create extreme responsive experiences 10Web’s builder allows you to automatically adjust all of your content to all screens and

Resolutions this is a fully customizable solution so you are able to create your website edit the footer and the header with an advanced front-end editor besides that you’re able to choose from 40-plus stunning designer made and mobile-friendly website templates 40-plus premium widgets

which is a powerful combination of Elementor and premium 10Web widgets, as well as 50 plus premium plugins designed for every, need plugins such as form maker photo gallery slider and many more we’ll help you create an awesome functional website


10web Hosting Backup

realtime 10web hosting backup

Now let’s talk about backup solutions 10Web’s backup solution is a real-time differential backup which automatically makes a backup of your website and saves it in a very secure AWS s3 storage space the system keeps only the changes made after the last full backup so itworks really fast without affecting WordPress performance you have the chance to restore your data starting from the last thousand backup points andyou can also schedule all of your backups automatically and of course this solution comes with all 10Web plans

Bluehost web hosting Backup

Bluehost runs courtesy backups at their discretion and their default backup solution is fairly limited as a user youare able to perform periodic backups through the provided cPanel but Bluehost recommends that you store your backups off-site on your local system

Because the backups are kept for a maximum of 30 days after which they are overwritten with newer backups and it’s ultimately the customer’s responsibility to download the files if they want to keep a copy of their data Bluehost is unable to create an automatic backup for web sites above 30 gigabytes in size and their advanced backup solution is only available with their higher plans such as choice plus and pro


10web Hosting security

Security is another feature for our comparison 10Web is specialized in providing security services to WordPress users the security service has built-in log-in limitations DDoS protection scam for vulnerabilities and file changes as well as scan and repair for hacked sites

You get monitoring support and you can check your website for vulnerabilities and getcomprehensive reports on potential risks and SQL injections there are also freewebsite audits that are being conducted automatically but 10Web security teamconducts manual check ups as well we have a 24/7 system administration team that is always there for your website

Bluehost web hosting Security

security Bluehost security consists of three layers of anti-spam protection spam experts spam hammer and Apache Spam Assassin the website is protected for inbox as well with easy to set up filters the directories are all password protected if you want to block somebody’s acts to your website

You have the option to blacklist IP addresses another feature is secure shell access this allows access to configuration files individually and securely Bluehost also offers a one-click integration with Cloudflare which provides you more security features speeds up your website and is particularly good for thwarting DDoS attacks

💲Pricing Comparison between Bluehost and 10web Web hosting

10web hosting Pricing Plans

10web hosting pricing plans

pricing plans comparison comes next 10Web offers managed WordPress hosting plans at the price of shared hosting our annual pricing starts at 10 dollars per month for one website and can go as low as six dollars per month for 10 and more websites hosted pay attention that this is the regular pricing without any promo codes or discounts

Bluehost Pricing Plans

bluehost web hosting pricing plans

Bluehost is positioned as one of the cheapest hosting providers out there their basic plan for one website starts at $2.95 and the Plus plan costs $4.95, and choice plus is $5.45 the pricing of Bluehost is similar to 10Webs but the variety of features and the quality are not even comparable

DashBoard Comparison Between Bluehost and 10web Web hosting

Bluehost has a cPanel interface which is quite easy to usein contrast 10Web allows website management from just one dashboard our dashboard allows users to install and automatically update WordPress core themes and plugins from the most intuitive dashboard backup

Service SEO service and security scanner are included in the dashboard as well so you can host build and manage all of your websites from one single dashboard with just a few clicks to additional vital services that 10Web provides but Bluehost is completely lacking

Image Optimization

Our image optimizer and SEO service image optimization will help you get three times faster website speed and ten-time slighter images it will automatically optimize all the images you upload to your WordPress website resulting in faster website speed and up to 90% image compression without any quality loss

Seo Services

Meanwhile, SEO by 10Web service allows you to find problems within your website and get recommendations on how to improve your site’s performance custom metadata XML sitemap canonical URLs and many more features are included in this service

10web website builder

Also, there’s an option to check for the length of your URL to make sure that it’s optimized for the best SEO results and you can create knowledge graphs all this together results in higher search rankings so as you can see10Web

Bluehost is fairly different platforms if your main focus is on shared WordPress hosting plans then you get exactly what you pay for with Bluehost but why choose Bluehost if with 10Web you get a blazing fast performance and ton of advanced functionality at the same affordable prices as shared hosting plans go right

Now to 10Web do and try out 10web 14-day free trial with no credit card required and check out all the features we’ve been talking about if this post was helpful please let us know by liking and subscribing to our YouTube channel also let us know in the comments below if you already have used 10Web or Bluehost see ya

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