Best Chrome extension that will save Your hour on SEO Work

Do you know best chrome Extension

They can make your life a lot easier, especially as a marketer and you know what today? I’m going to help you get better results in less time. today.

I’m going to teach you 14 Chrome extensions. That will save you hours on your SEO work and help you get your results faster.

have you ever said that craftspeople are only as good as their tools? Well, this is especially true when it comes to marketing, and when it comes to marketing if you do not have amazing tools that are giving you amazing information.

It is going to be very difficult for you to do your work. So, let’s write right in and go to those extensions, I like the chrome extensions that I want to tell you

1. Grammarly

grammarly chrome extension

Grammarly is a Best chrome extension used for Content, the first extension I like to use that is grammatically gorgeous, is a one-stop-shop tool for marketers who want to perfect their writing and grammar skills.

I use grammar so much cheaper than paying an editor? It tells me all the errors I need to fix and it is much better than spelling correction within Microsoft Word and it is free.

So check that you use it and whenever you write an article, even if it is in WordPress, they will be a little green grammar icon and it tells if there is an error within your content that you need to fix the wanted.

That way when you publish more content to get that traffic from Google, it will tell you if something is wrong or not. It does the same when you are posting your own on LinkedIn or Facebook or any other social site.

So as marketers you can make sure that you are publishing spelling and grammar free information and text on all these sites.

2. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo chrome extension

BuzzSumo is a Best chrome extension that shows you how pieces of content and topics expand online.

It works the same way, but in just a few clicks it allows you to visit and view any page and some performance metrics, allowing you to create a real-time content strategy or brainstorm content topic idea the way you would Reading some random articles.

Web way oh, that’s good. I have a lot of Seoul shares away and not even doing that much. right. All this will help you improve what you are doing. So in this way you can make the best information there.

3. Keyword Surfer

keyword surfer chrome extension

Keyword surfer is one of the best extensions of Chrome Recall the days when cubs were free everywhere.

I got well Or if you pay for a great but now have some new and different keyword surfer. It does not give you all the data, but it still tells you the volume for Global or your country and it tells you other related keywords from when you are going.

This domain also provides estimated traffic so that you know what the traffic is to each domain and it shows you the backlinks for each URL ranking the top URL.

4. MozBar

mozbar is a chrome extension

MozBar is a valuable chrome Extensions that allows you to see how popular your contestants are. Mars Bar Liza runs a quick SEO overview on any page you are on or listed in the SERPs.

It keeps an eye on on-site content and social media engagement technical SEO backlink domain authority(DA) even page authority(PA).

5. Similar Web

similar web  is a chrome extension

Similarweb Chrome Extension takes into account all traffic sources during site analysis so that you can get more from basic SEO information which allows you to see engagement metrics like traffic time-on-site bounce rates and much more.

What’s more, does it allow you to see the company’s target audience demographic and the amount of money they spend on paid content.

6. Redirect Path

ridirect path is a chrome extension

Redirect Path is a Chrome Extension that is much more than a bus broken link checker. It also helps you find other technical issues on your site.

If you run into any errors, once you change it to green, you will see a red notification. So you know that you are good to visit your site and due to some redirect issues on your site.

you may be given a drawing and ranking, even you know that it exists, but The extension will help you spot and fix it.

7.Google Page Speed

google page speed insights is a chrome extension

Google Page Speed ​​We all know that page speed is a huge ranking factor.

But if you have a slow page speed time, you will immediately bounce in your ranking, suffer this expansion so you can see how fast your site is loading with a single click.

Not only this but also gives you suggestions on how to fix the page and this tool works. Well for both desktop and mobile page speeds.

8. SEO Meta in One Click

seo meta in one click is a chrome extension

SEO Meta in One Click is Best chrome extensions used for any website, headers on one of these four categories, such as each H1, H2 H3 tag image, such as how many pages are on it,

total tags and titles link the total number of internal-external links and last but not least No less social data such as open graph twitter information on Facebook pages as well.


hunter is a chrome extension is Best chrome extensions are used for We all know that hey when you are doing outreach to get backlinks. This is really difficult. The name and information of people on I / O provides you with all that.

10. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

majestic backlink analyticsis a chrome extension

Majestic Backlinks Analyzer is Best Chrome Extensions tools to find backlinks. We all know how painful it can be to make backlinks.

But the Majestic Backlink Analyzer can help you easily with this, helping the tool find out the total quantity and quality of backing that points to any page.

11. Linkclump

Linkclump is a chrome extension

LinkClump is Best Chrome Extensions is used for research is linked. If you like doing your research, you know how annoying it can be to go back and forth from tab to tab.

This time consuming 15 tabs are open because of these extensions will be easy for you. In clamp, you can quickly open many links in the surf with just one click.

12. Liner

Liner is chrome extension

Liner best chrome extension. If you come across a large piece of content you want to the liner, but you want to remember a specific line liner so that you can highlight that part of the article.

This organizes lies to keep you on track of all relevant information in a large article. Not only this but you can also save your highlights. You can also refer to them later in a blog post.


I hope this article will help you a lot in your work, now you will be able to use Chrome browser well and you will save time if you use such extensions.
You must tell me by commenting on which extension you enjoyed and which one you use.

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