ON-Page SEO Factors | SEO Ranking Factor

Hey, guys welcome to Easytechsmart.com.Today we are going to talk about the very important on-page SEO factors, which is our keyword, which will help make your post ranked in Google or any search engine,

ON-Page SEO Factors | SEO Ranking Factor

on-page seo factor


there is no technical purpose Just so that the things are organized with you and there is no problem with the keywords that you optimize on the basis of the keywords that you project.

Now we are going to talk about the keywords we said on the pay-on-page so From point of view

Where should you use the Keywordsin content of on-page SEO?




on-page seo factors

which is the best method, because of which sites rank, you get more organic search,

I will tell you about some on-page SEO Factors that you have to use your targeted keyword which should rank you within the content

On-page seo factors

Factors You should Apply on your Content
1.Title Tag Primary Keyword in the beginning
2.Description Primary Keyword in the beginning 
3.H1 Tag Primary Keyword in the beginning
4.Formatted Text Make Your Primary Keyword Bold and Italic
5.Internal Linking Linking your primary keyword 
6.URLs Use Your Primary Keyword
7.Alt Tag Use More Keyword related to your Primary Keyword


Title Tag on-page SEO factor

The most important thing we have to do is to use our primary keyword at the forefront of the title tag. Now it is too much to say that the primary keyword should be used. You can use the primary keyword in a paragraph. Keep in mind that your primary keyword should be at the forefront of the title tag.


The same for description is that our primary keyword will always be in the starting, just like the title tag in the description.

H1 Tag:

The h1 tag will be an indirect ranking factor, meaning you place your keyword directly inside h1. This does not mean that your web page will be ranked.

The purpose of the h1 tag is above that particular keyword to define your content. What to do about your content and not the keywords inside it to make the crawler rank its webpage.

When the tag crawler will provide information about the content, it will be helpful to have your webpage indexed.

When we have the content in the right place, then the ranking algorithm will help your content to rank as best as we can Google what our webpage is about, then our webpage Chance to be ranked will increase.

Formatted Text:

Formatted text is called a word that is in bold, and italic format, in which you can show the primary keyword by bold.

Outgoing Links on-page SEO factor:

on-page seo factors

Outgoing links means that you are placed somewhere within your own webpage.

If you want to rank a webpage through this primary keyword, then you can create outgoing links, which we also call interlinking.

URL on-page SEO factor:

You can also use your primary keywords in URLs, but the URLs structure is a very strange structure, it has different types such as domain can also be subdomain can also be a domain, folder name can also be and page name Can also be.

Alt Tag on-page SEO factor:

If you use WordPress, you get an alt tag where you create content that is uniquely important,

where you can use your primary keyword and all the secondary keywords you have selected, you can also help in organic traffic. And the chance of your webpage getting ranked will increase.




Whatever I have told you about On-Page SEO factors, they are very important if you use it well then 100% of your keywords will rank in the search engine. Easytechsmart.com has lots of post about SEO checkout 

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