On-page SEO: On-page Search Engine Optimization

Today in this post, we are going to talk about on-page SEO, we will understand very well about On-page SEO, so if you want to get the complete information related to rank your page in the search engine, then on this website You will get related posts of all SEO.

What is really, in this one particular post, I can not give complete information about SEO, because there are many factors of SEO,

we will discuss some points about on-page SEO in this post, which will give you very good information.

About On-Page SEO

In On Page SEO, you can control everything from your side as you cannot control any backlinks, but you can easily control 99% of the factors on the page SEO or I can say 100% of the factors.

You should never ignore the on-page SEO as this is a good way to optimize your post. You have to optimize on-page very well. You have to understand the basics of page SEO as it is complete on Page SEO resides in your control but not all off-page SEO is in your control.

When to do on-page SEO?

A  people stand and thinking

On page SEO also has 2 things, meaning there are 2 ways of work

1. One time setup

In this, we do not have to change again, and again, we change in one go and it stays for a long time and does not have to be repeated on posts or pages.

2. Once in a while

What happens in it that is not for a long time means that whenever we create any pages or posts, then we have to change, again, and again,

if we have created another post, then we have to change its factories back to that particular post.

You can also do it when you are on-page SEO, so keep in mind that what I want to change or not, you can also make a separate list for that.

If your keywords are already ranking in search engines, what should we do?

A lot of people think that if my keywords are ranking on the search engine on 1st or 2nd position, then I should stop the activity of SEO

So I say do not stop because it is an ongoing process because when you search any keyword in the search engine, it shows many results, it is called search engine result pages, these search engine result pages are not reserved for anyone.

Because any time your competitor can beat your keywords and rank them, so anytime your keywords Even if you are ranking on the engine,

you do not have to stop, you have to give full concentration on SEO if you want your keywords to be ranked first for a long time,

so we can say that there is a truly ongoing process, you can mark this You must not forget all those who are reading this post.

Some Factors of on-page SEO

on-page search engine optimization

Some of the On-page SEO Factors, Which do have Direct or indirect ranking effects

  1. Your website should be Crawlable:- What we need to do is to make your website crawlable so that the robots can read the website easily. If your website is not able to be read by robots, then how will Google show your website’s posts and pages to others? Your website should be crawlable
  2. User-Friendly URLs: Make the URLs readable and meaning full so that visitors can be confident about who you post.
  3. Well Targeted Content:- Your content quality must be good
  4. Keyword Optimization:- Keywords of your posts and pages must be optimized properly
  5. Website Optimization: Your website should be well optimized
  6. HTTPs:- HTTPs certificate should be installed on your website.
  7. Image Optimization:- All the images uploaded on your website should be optimized so that your website will be improved in speed and your keywords will be easy to rank.
  8. Readability & User Experience:-Your posts should be understandable and look good, so what if any visitors come on your post, then they should not skip your post
  9. CTR
  10. Mobile Friendliness:- Nowadays people are using up to 80% of the website’s pages from mobile, so all your pages should be mobile friendly
  11. Quality Outbound Links:- Whenever you link any outbounds Links from your post, keep this in mind that the website you are attaching with your page is not Spammy you can link the website link with your website whose domain is high authority.
  12. Website Structure:- Your website structure should be clean

I have just told you the total of 12 factors of SEO, actually, there are 200 factories of SEO. Also, I have talked about 188 factors of SEO in my post, you can check out my other SEO posts.

So here we have an overview of very basic SEO, you just understand that when we talk about SEO, at that time we do more changes in our contents, but it would be a matter of saying that we are more chang Content is also increased in content, how much content is there on one page,

if I say optimizing the content then a lot of cuisines would come out of it. Such as how much content should be increased, how content should be fonts, how much should it contain paragraphs, how much should words be, how much should images be, how much should the text ratio be within the content, and videos should be if not If we talk about content optimization, then there are many questions that come out.

But the best thing is that on-page SEO you have 100% control
You can change yourself as if you create a blog post, then you have complete control, content, URLs structure, page speed, and user experience,

when all the control is with you, then what is the total tension It is not a matter that people are difficult to speak as they are, but SEO is not difficult but if you work according to professional strategy, then your keywords will rank in 100% search engine.


Thank you for reading this content If you feel this content is wrong, then share this content so that it can take related information of on-page SEO and if there are any problems, then you can reply to me in the comment.


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